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Sorry I’m not posting much. I’m reworking the back-end of the site to try to make things more streamlined and efficient, but it’s taking me a while to write the code. Bear with me; it should be finished soon, hopefully within the next 4 days.

Here’s a bit if a diffrent kind of post. I’ve found some resources that might be useful if you are looking to create resources. I think these 3 would be lovely if you tweaked them for icon creation.

The Android App market recently reached its ten BILLIONTH, yes BILLIONTH, app download so to celebrate they’re offering, each day, for ten days, ten of their best selling apps for 0.10 $/£/€!

For those of you who cant visualize that its this many:

I stole Google's image

Read the article here.

That’s pretty awesome.

Check it out every day Until the 16th!

EDIT: Total Haul: 24 Apps, spent £2.59, worth £46.70, saved £44.12. Pretty good I’d say.

Because I’m a nerd, I like graphs, and I feel that this post needs MOAR images, I’ve stolen their nifty graph.

Read more to see what I bought.
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ADW Launcher EX
by AnderWeb
Price: 2.00 GBP (10p for one day soon!)
My Rating: AWESOME

So, I spent alllllll morning updating my set-up on my phone. When I update things I don’t change a few icons. I overhaul the ENTIRE interface, from the icons to the lock screen to the fonts, to UI specific Tasker tasks. I usually make my own icons too, unless I find some that really excite me. So it’s a completely different UI entirely. I’m silly like that. It takes me hours to do.

When I’ve finished I jump over to the market to see what’s up, and I see SHAZAM! ADW EX, my go-to launcher, has released an update! ZOMG!

As I read what’s changed I start to wiggle with delight. What? ICS folders? YES PLEASE! What? Folders in the dock bar? ZOMG! Yes I say zomg, but only to myself… and maybe my nerd husband…

Then I read in the comments that everyone is all a-whinin’ about the “new dock bar,” which is really just the old hidden dock bar replacing the boring main dock bar. Seriously though kids, quit your bitching about the dock bar thing. You can still hide it with gestures/buttons, the same as you always could. He just got rid of the main, useless crappy dock bar and made the GOOD dock bar the default one. Untwist your panties and take a look before you rip the guy a new one.

There is a new interface for moving around your icons and things. It’s different. I don’t LOVE it, but I don’t hate it. its just… different.

I cant comment on the desktop indicators, because I dont use them, or the catalogue functionality changes, because I dont use them. The catalogues can be phased out though I think, now that we have the folders-in-the-dockbar awesomeness. I can’t comment on the 3/4.0 compatibility features work as I’m still running 2.3.3 because I haven’t flashed ICS on my phone yet (I’m scared imma break it).

My one gripe is that, for some reason, after you’ve quit whining and figured out how to re-hide your dock bar, the widgets that used to touch all four borders of the screen, now only touch the top and left border. There’s a 15 pixel margin on the bottom, and a 6 pixel margin on the right. To most people that wouldn’t matter, but I’m really anal-retentive about that sort of thing. I’m a designer and I spend aaages adjusting margins when I work on stuff, so it makes my brain twitchy when stuff isn’t perfect. I bought ADW over other launchers, because I loved that it went to all 4 edges, amongst other things like overlappey widgets. No I’m not begin ungrateful and waving the “I paid for this so the devs have to fix it stick.” I’m just pointing it out.

All in all, if the widget-full-screen-annoyingness thing gets fixed I’ll be a happy camper. The update gets 4/5 stars from me. 5th to be returned when my widget full screening gets fixed.

Srsly though, I really need that widget thing fixed. My carefully placed widgets now don’t line up with my new design and it’s giving me an aneurysm.

Yes, this isn’t particularly well written, Its’ late and I dont care.



I didn’t get to update at all today.. my phone decided to ‘problem loading widget’ ALL of my widgets and I had to go to the doctor,  so I didn’t have a spare second to hunt.   I have a good 4 post started with clocks and wl themes and other good things, so stay tuned!


(Posted from my Android, because its better than your iPhone)


Wallpapers 1

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Carrier IQ

Ok, I’m not going to sit here and spout off about things I don’t really know that much about on a technical level, but I really do think that every one who has an android really needs to take a step back and read about this, as it is very important and affects us all.

required reading
Android Security Test Where it all started
Logging Test by TrevE [SassiBoB Review] November 8, 2011
The Rootkit Of All Evil – CIQ November 14, 2011
More on Carrier IQ November 15, 2011
Sprint SUCKS! #occupycarriers Nov 25, 2011. Gotta love a SassiBob Rant
The Storm Is Not Over Yet – Lets Talk About #CIQ November 29, 2011

Do you really want some company logging every single thing you do with your phone, whether they exploit it, sell it, or just store it?

I know I don’t.


Fonts 1

  • Geo Sans Light
    by Manfred Klein
    I love this font way WAY too much.. i use it in design projects all the time. It’s so big and clean and simple
  • Comfortaa
    by Johan Aakerlund
    I’m currently using this font and I love it. It’s clear and easy to read, but has just a hint of Bauhaus which makes me happy.
  • Code 39
    by BarcodesInc
    This is an actual working Barcode font. if you scan it with a barcode scanner it will come up with whatever you typed in. This particular barcode is ABC123. Pull out your barcode scanner and try it. Fun for novelty, not great for readability, haha.

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